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Benefiet Concerts

Mr. Myst is a Sleaze rock band formed in 2013 and based in Ostend, Belgium.
Founder of the band, Atticus Myst who loved the 80’s rock sound, started the band like a Glam rock Band. A new line up were made to become this "Motley crue" .

In 2017 Mr. Myst released their self-titled demo, supported by some music videos as
"Jack D", “Jessica" and "Red Light District".

In 2018 the first EP "Red Light District" is recorded at ‘Shell Shock Studio’ (Pieter Nyckees)
and mastered at ‘little BIG studio’ (Peter De Wint) .
‘Stand Up’  is the single of the EP "Red Light District"  and also the music video from this EP.

After some nice headline and support shows over the years, changes were coming and the need to overpower the Glam Rock into Sleaze Rock was made.

Mr. Myst is writing new songs for the upcoming full album in 2019 and will be released under the label:              ‘Sleaszy Rider Records’ from Greece.

The New Line up became darker than ever

Mr. JSD on vocals,
Atticus Myst on guitar
Kevain on guitar
Josha on bass  
Arthur on drums.





Leden band

Sam WILLCOX : Bass & Vocals
Camille GRENERON: Drums
JP CHICHE : Guitars




Sam Willcox Band, power-trio anglo-français de blues-rock-boogie.


English description:

THE 80'S
At the beginning of th 80's, 3 english brothers decided to bring their own patronymic at the bill: "Willcox" was born. In over a decade, they released several albums and set crowds on fire all over Europe, standing out as an internationally recognized and respected band.
The first album " Roll Of Three" was released in 1981 and the second one "Hot Blood" in 1985. From blues to Boogie Rock, these to album were effective, melodic and powerful. Their full potential is however revealed on stage, a power-trio with Sam on the vocals, bass and harmonica ;Terry on the drums and Peter on the guitar: small
line-up but maximal performance.
After 10 years on the road, they shared the stage with Rory Gallagher, Bo Diddley, Dr Feelgood, Scorpions and many more others...

THE 90'S
At the beginning of the 90's, Willcox decided to for a while, each membertaking a different direction. In 1993, Sam signed a contract with Warner. The label didn't skimp on the means, Sam recorded his first solo album in the biggest European studios. The best session musicians were invited: Graham Ward (Paul McCartney's Drummer), Evert Verhees (Joe Cocker's bass player), Kenny Moore (Tina Turner's pianist).
The album was released in the 1994 followed by 2 singles. Sam quickly got uncomfortable with this Gospel Jazz/Blues sang in French and decided to set aside this project and devote himself to composition and album production. Thus, he worked for Joe Cocker, Emma Kelly and other French stars.

It's been a long time since Sam wanted to reunite the band. Time as come, Willcox is back to the roots...

The reunion, back to the roots : 
In 2014, Sam decided to reunite the band. After 20 years of silence, the reunion appeared as an obviousness: Willcox was coming back to the roots. The objectives are very simple: release the album, gig as much as possible and above all, find the hot and sweaty atmosphere of a Willcox concert again.
The "new Willcox" line-up is composed of two guitar players:
J-P Chiche and Fabien Le Boedec.

J-P is an international blues-rock guitarist. He shared the stage with Dr Feelgood, Alvin Lee, Maceo Parker, Saxon and many others... After many years accompanying artists, he decided to have a go with Willcox. The pleasure he gets while being on stage is infectious and doesn't leave anyone unmoved.

Fabien is the second guitar player of the "new Willcox". Sam noticed his incredible sense of time during a concert. This young promesing guitarist will bring his energetic and fresh touch to the band.

Camille the drummer, is the last member to join the band. He was chosen for his experience and his metronomic playing.

The reunion promises to be a success. The new album "Gonna get Ya" is now available, a Boogie-Blues with no frills and terribly affective. Sam, J-P, Fabien and Camille want to prove they are a genuine live band, no one will give less than their best. 

These Boogie Men are for you...

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70’s Tush - A tribute to 70’s Rock and Roll

70’s Tush has quickly become an established name in the rock'n'roll and blues scene. Six thoroughbred musicians from Ghent (Belgium) pay tribute to the spectular shows of the past. For the last four years, the band has been playing in Belgium, Holland and Germany, with a show based on songs by Led Zeppelin, Rory Gallagher, Elmore James, Cream, Humble Pie, Jethro Tull and many others.

70’s Tush was originally a blues-rock cover band, but throughout the years, they evolved more towards a "tribute to 70s rock'n'roll and dirty blues" band, and 70s Tush is now anything but a cover band. While the repertoire is still riddled with riffs of the 70s guitar heroes, the songs are complemented by riffs of their own, giving new interpretations to the songs as if it were 1975 all over again. These are not polished studio versions, but raw and compelling live versions like they were meant to be played.

Playing some 60 shows a year, it goes without saying that these boys have got a ton of experience. That's why 70’s Tush was labeled as "the hardest working band in Flanders", but also "a band that takes you back 40 years" and even "Woodstock-worthy".

70’s Tush is an impressive combination of blazing guitar solos, Deep Purple keyboards and pumping drums, interspersed with a captivating acoustic tearjerker. Check these boys live and find yourself back in time. A time where sex, drugs and rock'n'roll reigned supreme.

70’s Tush is:
Sven Vande Neste Vocals
Pieter Minne Lead Guitar
Koen De Coker Rhythm Guitar
Jeroen De Keyser Bass
Maarten De Meyer Keys
Tony Van Hoecke Drums

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Led Zep, Gov't Mule , Lynyrd Skynyrd, Rory Gallagher, The Free, Ted Nugent, ...

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